Week 6 is now happening. Do a portrait of a neighbour, significant other, the postie or anyone else you can photograph with a tele lens.

This competition is now open to all who are interested, not just Watercolour Society of Western Australia Members only. So get cracking on your entry.

Don’t forget to email your entry to webwswa@gmail.com and do give your work a title, please.

For a full list of the weekly challenges go here.

Peter Beresford-Long – Dancing Queen
Jane Zandi – Laptop Light
Pam Eddy – Neighbours Dogwalking with Social Distancing
Rod Brown – The Neighbour in the Mirror
Rod Brown – Clare
Rod Brown – Wunmi Musaku
Julie McCormack – The Postie
Jude Scott – Kai
Jude Scott – The Italian
Padma Hamilton – We are all Human
Padma Hamilton – Fresh
Julie McCormack – Parked Up
Diana Avramova – My Sunshine
Cass Gartner – Rankin Waddell
Tamayo Leahy – My Daughter
Pam White – I’m out of my Depth
Carol Nagy – How do you want me to stand?
Helen Cockburn – My Wonderful Granddaughter
Helen Cockburn – She is a Lady
Angela Wang – An Old Man
Annette Wallman – Always Time for Icecream
Annette Wallman – Daddy’s Girl
Noreen Clapp – My Other Half at Home
Laddawan Wong – Shu
Laddawan Wong – Bright Eyes
Laddawan Wong – Mike Catchmusic
Laddawan Wong – Catherine
Ros Jenke – On Top
Jan Pittman – Indian Artist
Pauline Gill – Chris Colouring
Pauline Gill – Chilli