WEEK 4 – Roofscapes

Once again, a fine crop of paintings featuring roofs. Super-contributor, Pam Eddy sent in two marvellous works; one from her balcony and one of the rooftops of Obidos. 

Virtual Plein air is good too!  Jane Zandi tackled the challenging roofline of her house, also challenging herself and Cass Gartner gave her lovely painting the intriguing title “When all the laughter got too much.”  Maybe it wasn’t laughter but bats in the belfry. (Don’t say bats!)

I also got a giggle from Pam White’s “Opps! Not much roof.” Stef Hayward’s delightful “Gargoyle on Guard” reminded me of how fun it was to see all those roof decorations of the era. Bring back the Gargoyles, I say.  

Angela Wang’s neighbourhood looks like a great place to live and Ros Jenke took us down to Albany for a visit which was a nice break.

Sue Payne also indulged in some virtual plein air and took us to Monferrato while Rod Brown invited us to see the view from his balcony- and what a lovely view it was too. June Sullivan is truly rising to the challenge of painting above the watery depths which she does so wonderfully by capturing the Super moon over the rooftops.

All these paintings were worthy of a prize but in the spirit of spreading the paper packs as far as possible this week they are going to Pauline Gill for her “Rooftop”.  Was that a bronzewing or a large dove? Just wondering. A pack will also be going to Tamayo Leahy for “is anybody home “which sums up how it some times feels as we go for a walk.  Helen Cockburn will get a pack too for tidying up her roof with colour to hide the bird droppings. If only we could feed them something to make their droppings colourful. In a perfect world!

Thanks everyone for joining in and keep having fun and stay well. Penny

Pauline Gill – Rooftop

Tamayo Leahy – Is Anybody Home
Helen Cockburn – Had to make the roof beautiful because the birds keep dropping their messages