How to become a member

The Watercolour Society of WA is an internationally recognised society that is committed to the world-wide promotion of the watercolour medium. The first object of the Society’s Constitution is:

“To promote public interest in watercolours and to advance the knowledge of members in watercolour painting”

The Society is well aware of its responsibility to promote watercolour therefore its members need to have reached a sufficiently advanced level of expertise and understanding of this challenging and much-loved medium. To achieve this, we have a selection process which is as follows:

We require applicants to bring five watercolour paintings to a general meeting, at least two of which need to be framed to exhibition standard, the remaining three need to have a mount and be covered in cellophane or transparent plastic. The standard is high, so we recommend you select your very best works which illustrate your understanding of the medium, technical ability and artistic merit. Pen and wash and gouache are acceptable but not mixed media – we have a saying “Watercolour should be the hero of your work”. If you would like to discuss your submission with an experienced member, that can always be arranged.

Your paintings are displayed anonymously to the members present who are encouraged to consider your creativity, composition, tonal value, use of colour, drawing skill, perspective and brushwork.

To become a member, a 75% vote for acceptance by the members present is required. Those gaining between 65% and 74% will be awarded associate membership. Associate members enjoy the same privileges as full members but are unable to vote in ballots and are limited to exhibiting one pre-approved painting at our Annual Awards Exhibition. They are encouraged to re-submit paintings for full membership as soon as they feel confident to do so.

We encourage you to visit our Annual Awards Exhibition held in October, our website and our YouTube channel and spend some time looking at the biographies and paintings of our current members which will give you an idea of the standard required.

Contact for further details:

Peter Allen,  New Member Co-ordinator

0408 944 383