Week 5 is up and running. The taps have been done and now it is time to get stuck into the washing. Dog, clothes, pegs, buckets, machines, lines, whatever takes your fancy.

This competition is open to all Watercolour Society of Western Australia Members only. But we do encourage others to use our prompts to get painting and enjoy.

Don’t forget to email your entry to webwswa@gmail.com and do give your work a title, please.

For a full list of the weekly challenges go here.

Pam Eddy – Wash Day
Pam Eddy – From the Laundry
Jane Zandi – Frontliner’s Uniforms in the Wind
Geraldine Box – In Venice, Haul in Washing….Carefully
Tamayo Leahy – The Generation Gap
Penny Maddison – Laundry by the River
Angela Wang – River Washing
Lorraine Gardner – Out to Dry in Venice
Lorraine Gardner – One Missing Again
Pam White – Washed the Most Important Thing – Painting Rag
Helen Cockburn – That’s the Important Washing Done
Pauline Gill – My Turn
Stef Hayward – Washboard Blues
June Sullivan – Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat
June Sullivan – Whoops there goes my bloomers!
Rod Brown – Coffee in the Storm Laundry