WEEK 3 – Taps

Thank you everyone for responding so well to this little challenge. 16 paintings! The paintings that are coming in are so varied and I can see you are all having fun with them which is the point. But it’s really hard to choose “winners.”

I love that Jan Pittman and Jane Zandi went with tap shoes! Great lateral thinking. Sue Payne’s beautiful spigot from Italy took me right back there and I loved the lizard and Pam White’s watercolour tap made me want to get one to put right next to the red wine tap I plan to get. 

Roz Jenke’s “treasure from the shed” was a delight and I fell in love with the willy wagtail in Pam Eddy’s painting.  Helen Cockburn’s monochrome was stunning and Tamayo Leahy’s  “Shiny companion” was a strong contender. Steph Haywood’s was a lovely peaceful spot and Cass put in a strong contender too.

This week the paper packs (not chicken dinners) will go out to Marion Power for taking taps to a new and abstract level, Lorraine Gardener’s  “Tapped out” had such a lovely old fashioned feel and Geraldine Box’s  historic tap in a landscape and June Sullivan as it was interesting to see her painting water from the outside rather than inside.  But special mention also goes to Debbie Ey and Angela Wang for excellence.

Well done everyone.

Marion Power – Tap Tap Tap
Geraldine Box – Renoir’s Tap at “Collettes”, Cagnes
Lorraine Gardener – Tapped Out
June Sullivan – Garden Tap