The weeks are running from Saturday to Friday- for those who still know what day it is.

Don’t take any of it too seriously.  Awards may be a bit arbitrary but we are not going to talk about it. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, and keep well.

Week 1; April 4-10;Still life with Kitchenalia.
Week 2; April 11-17;View out of a window.
Week 3; April 18-24;Shiny bathroom or kitchen taps or more   rustic garden one.
Week 4; April 25-May 1;Roof-scape from the back yard. Plein air encouraged!
Week 5; May 2-8;Laundry!
Week 6; May 9- 15;Portrait of a neighbour, significant other, the postie or anyone else you can photograph with a tele lens.
Week 7; May 16-22;Inside of the fridge or still life of stuff from pantry. Food generally.
Week 8; May 23-29;Shoes, boots or other footwear.
Week 9; May 30- June 5By now you should be ready to do a portrait of your pet cockroach. Go for it! Or your other pets or if you don’t have a pet, someone else’s.
Week 10; June 6-12;Inspired by music!
Don’t forget, email to Debbie Ey at the website. Include the title of the work.

Keep those brushes wet!