WEEK 5 – Laundry

So sorry for being late with the results. I have a great excuse. The committee had a Zoom meeting so I have been wrangling technology. Among other things!

What a great bunch of laundry themed paintings came in.

Pam Eddy has been sprucing up a sad looking spaniel and a cute little teddy bear while Jane Zandi had high vis drying in the shade. Anything in Venice looks interesting and Geraldine Box and Lorraine Gardener agree on that but then Lorraine went and lost a sock. I believe they are the larval form of wire coat hangers which explains a lot. I revisited a scene I’d seen in India of a woman washing in the river and Angela Wang also chose to paint a lady washing in a river. A large portion of the world washes this way don’t forget.

Tamayo Leahy celebrated the generation gap with a bit of collage- very fancy!

Pauline Gill had magpies swinging from the wash and Stef Hayward celebrated the past with a collection of washboards. June Sullivan was getting over the monotony of the laundry but also losing her bloomers to a high wind. Bad luck June!  Rod Brown has found a quiet corner among the washing to have a coffee.

But two people who focused in on what was important for artists were their painting cloths and they were Pam White and Helen Cockburn. I particularly loved the dark background in Pam’s painting which is why I am sending her a paper pack. You all deserve to get one but I have to limit them.

Hopefully the joy of painting to the theme is reward enough. I love what you are all doing.

Cheers, Penny 

Pam White – Washed the Most Important Thing – Painting Rag