WEEK 6 – People, Portraits etc.

Corona Creative Challenge- Week 6

People and portraits etc.

Wow! This is obviously a popular subject. This week we have invited non-members to join in the fun and submit paintings.

Peter Beresford Long sent in “Dancing Queen” which had lovely movement to it. Jane Zandi painted a portrait with “Laptop light”. What a difficult subject. Pam Eddy took a look at “Dog Walking  with Social Distancing” and as a daily dogwalker I appreciated the sentiment.

 Rod Brown sent in three of his lovely portraits “Clare”, very thoughtful, “Wummi Musaku” which is delightful and has a lovely composition  and “The Neighbour in the Mirror”. Good work Rod but this is your forte.

Padma Hamilton sent in 2 lovely paintings; “Fresh”, a sweet baby portrait and “We are all human” of a lady who may be from the Indian subcontinent. Women in sari are so elegant. Julie McCormack entertained us with her painting”s of “The Postie” and “Parked Up” which really embodied the current times.

Cass Gartner’s  “Rankin Waddell” is an excellent example of a face forward portrait where the eyes follow the viewer. Well done Cass. Tamayo Leahy has and what a beautiful girl she is. Pam White has also entered every week and I was stunned by how she had captured her own likeness. That is not an easy thing to do. But “I’m out of my Depth.” ? Never!  Another friend of the Society, Carol Nagy,  asks “How do you want me to Stand?” and the anxiety shows in her posture. Helen Cockburn treated us to two pieces, “She is a lady” with lovely colour and emotion and “My wonderful Granddaughter” and she looks lovely too.

Annette Wallman has titled Her lovely portrait of a smiling baby “Daddy’s Girl” and “Always time for Icecream”- a sentiment I fully agree with- has caught a young boy really enjoying and icecream. Noreen Clapp is another visitor to the Society has entered a portrait of “The Other Half at Home.” I expect he was happy to be captured by his talented wife.

Laddawan Wang has really got stuck in with this subject. “Catherine” a girl with a harp, “Mike Catchmusic”, pen and wash, “Bright Eyes” of a really bright eyed baby and “Shu.” You can’t beat a child with a chicken. Ros Jenke sent in a painting called “On Top” and I guess we all recognise this very successful world leader. Well done all.

I have chosen three paintings which stood out to me ; Angela Wang’s “Old Man” , Jude Scott sent in two- “the Italian” was great but  “Kai” was really lovely with a great composition and another visitor to the Society , Dina Avramova whose painting “My Sunshine.” Rocked my socks.  Angela and Jude will get the paper packs because I have their address.  Dina , email me your address and I will send you the sample pack of Master’s choice paper.

Cheers, Penny      

Angela Wang – An Old Man
Jude Scott – The Italian
Jude Scott – Kai
Dina Avramova – My Sunshine