Week 9 – Pets

By now you should be ready to do a portrait of your pet cockroach. Go for it! Or your other pets or if you don’t have a pet, someone else’s.

Don’t forget to email your entry to webwswa@gmail.com and do give your work a title, please.

For a full list of the weekly challenges go here.

Jane Zandi – Classic Westie
Marg Dewar – Brown Dog
Pam Eddy – Diva
Carol Nagy – Hatchlings
Anki Wickison – Nutmeg
Anki Wickison – Ninja the Cavoodle
Jan Pittman – Albo the Western Spotted Frog
Jude Scott – Feathered Friends
Angela Wang – Polo
Padma Hamilton – A Friendly One
Padma Hamilton – His True Colours
Ros Jenke – Hamish
Pauline Gill – Snoopy, My Friendly Neighbour
Pam White – When Are You Going to Kiss Me
Tamayo Leahy – Please Give Me Something To Eat