WEEK 8 – Shoes, Boots and Other Footwear

This was one that I really wanted to do but I wasn’t ready to take my Ugh boots of long enough to paint them. It looks like many of you are also very fond of your footwear too. What a fantastic number of sketches and paintings came in. And lots of fun too.

Marion Power – Lost it. ; Now I must ask myself why an artist would only paint one shoe? Are they taking a short cut, downright lazy or as I suspect from the title lost the other one. That must be it because Marion is anything but a lazy painter.

Helen Cockburn- Sadly can’t go Plein Air Yet. It’s wonderful how you have made these books look so sad. Well done.

Pauline Gill- Rob’s Fire Boots. ; I loved everything about this especially the composition and all the elements which came together to tell the story.  Paper pack to you Pauline.

Jan Pittman – I Told You. ; Jan it looks like the strap has just had enough but I also know you have two Kelpies so I wonder if someone told the owner of the shoes to put them out of the dogs reach?

Angela Wang- Made for Careful Movement. ; Ballet pointe shoes are so beautiful and make a ballerina look as though she is floating. However if you have ever seen a dancer’s feet you will know the price they pay to look so lovely. Beautiful drawing.

Tamayo Leahy- Stepping out from Tradition.; What an interesting painting and the patterns and cultural aspect add an extra element of interest. Great work Tamayo.

Julie McCormack- Retail Therapy. Ohhhh! which colour to buy.  Maybe all of them?

Pam White- Found at Last. Pam, your lost/found boot is beautifully painted but it is the fascinating background that I found added so much interest to the painting.

Lorraine Gardener- Ready for a Walk.; Lorraine’s sneakers certainly look like they are just waiting to be slipped on and off for a walk.

Debbie Ey- Memories of Summer.; I can just see Debbi standing looking down at her shoes while she paints them. Great way to show shoes in a different light.

Rob Brown- These Boots are made for Walking.; I loved the L shaped composition and the boots just shine and even the sole looks interesting. Well done Rod.

Marg Dewar- Bring Back Summer.; I loved that the thongs were the same colour as the sea and I certainly agree with the sentiment.

Pam Eddy- The Old Work Boots.; Pam, what are they trying to say? Mend me or retire me.

Jane Zandi- The Plein air Painters Boots.; yes , plein air painters do go where no-one else would dare and they certainly need warm boots for those cold mornings. Lovely pic.

Carol Nagy- Daddy’s Little Helper.; what a cute concept and two sets of muddy, wet tracks to deal with. Worth it though.