Taps……Shiny bathroom or kitchen taps or more rustic garden one, maybe even beer taps. Your choice and a chance to get creative.

This competition is open to all Watercolour Society of Western Australia Members only. But we do encourage others to use our prompts to get painting and enjoy.

We have our first painting for Week Three already. Pam Eddy, she’s like a thoroughbred horse, champing at the bit to get out of the gates.

Once again she is first in with her submission. Don’t forget to email yours to webwswa@gmail.com and do give your work a title, please.

Header Image – Taps at Old Fremantle Jail. Courtesy of Paul Wright – Flickr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/paul-dynamik/

Pam Eddy – Rustic Dripping Tap with Hopeful Will Wag Tail
Geraldine Box – Renoir’s Tap at “Collettes”, Cagnes
Debbie Ey – Old but Still Useful
Angela Wang – A Rustic Tap
Ros Jenke – A Treasure from the Shed
Jane Zandi – My Kind of Tap …. Shoes!
Marion Power – Tap Tap Tap
Pam White – Watercolour on Tap – Yeah!!
Penny Maddison – Old Yarloop
Lorraine Gardner – Tapped Out
Helen Cockburn – I Am a Bit Rusty
Stef Hayward – Tap & Trough
Susan Payne – Seen at Orsara Bormida, Piedmont, Italy
June Sullivan – Garden Tap
Tamayo Leahy – Shiny Companion
Jan Pittman – Tapping Away
Cass Gartner – Who Left the Tap On?!