We have our first painting in this morning. Monday, 6th April.

Pam Eddy, has created this painting, a bit of fun she said. Looks like something we would all appreciate. Some of us love the kitchen, some would prefer to paint. Keep those entries coming. webwswa@gmail.com

Pam Eddy – “I wonder What’s for Dinner?”
Geraldine Box – Citrus & Majolica
Debbie Ey – Going Slightly Bananas
Annette Wallman – Preparing the Quinches, um Squinshes oh! Quinces
Jane Zandi – Anyone for a Cup of Tea
Rod Brown – Pasta Time
Angela Wang – Morning Sunbeam
Penny Maddison – Sketch with Lemon Press
Jan Pittman – Surviving the Corona Virus with the help of a jumbo Sandwich.
Lorraine Gardner – Bowled Away
Pam White – We must stay strong like ANZACS
John Bullock – The Kitchen Sink after Breakfast
Helena Spencer – Kitchen Light
Padma Hamilton – The Spice of (Still) Life
Sandy Robertson – Kitchen Essential
Pauline Gill – My Teapots the Last of the Line