Hello everyone

Penny Maddison, our resident ideas guru, has once again come up with a great idea to keep our brushes wet and to stay in contact with each other – her Corona Creativity Challenge. This challenge is open to all Watercolour Society of Western Australia members.

In these extraordinary times in which we find ourselves, there is really only one thing to do and that is paint. Painting, especially watercolour is much like meditation, so it is a very therapeutic thing to do.

To encourage you we are running a weekly challenge: 

  • We will suggest a topic and you have one week to do a painting. This can be any size and small sketches are as acceptable as finished paintings. It’s all about keeping the brushes wet and the creative juices flowing.
  • Photograph your painting and label the photo with your name, the title, week number or date and subject matter and email it to our website manager, Debbie Ey at webwswa@gmail.com Debbie will put them on the website.
  • For further encouragement there will be prizes. That got your attention! Luke Senior kindly donated a large amount of A5 samples of the Baohong Masters watercolour paper for a workshop which did not happen so each prize will be 3 sheets of A5, one each of HP, CP, and rough paper and a flyer about the paper and info for an Instagram competition. This will be posted to the winner/winners.
  • The idea with this competition is that this is all NEW work painted during that week.  Use your Corona-creativity!
  • This is an online competition only due to the restrictions of the time we are living in.  If you know of another member you can help out with this please do so.
  • You get the idea. Be creative and show us what you can do. Don’t think of this a creating great art but rather therapy. The time for great art will follow. Stay well all. 

So as to get started we are making April 4th – 10th  week 1 and the topic is:

Still life with Kitchenalia

A list of topics will follow soon. Feel free to offer ideas.

Header Image – By Valerie Parker – Morning Sun. This was Valerie’s entry in the IWEF.