Interested in purchasing a painting from this gallery?? All paintings have been returned to the Artists.

Contact the Watercolour Society of WA via the President, Susan Payne if you are interested in a painting and she will assist you in contacting the artist direct.

SOLD – Alexander, Gordon – Boat to Freedom Beach
Bennett, June – The Bay
Boyle, Stephanie – A Tangled Web
Brickell, Larraine – Fun In The Sun – Rottnest
Bristow, Richard – Karijini Sunset
Brown, Jillian – A Good Day’s Fishing
Brown, Rod – Ribbons En Pointe
Cairnes, Janine – Out on a Limb
Cole, Barbara – Island Ride
Conlin, David – Wreck of the Miss Portugesa, Exmouth
Dewar, Margaret – Rottnest Dawn
Drury, Paul – Six Mile Creek, WA
Eastwood, Ray – The Morning Has Broken – Freshwater Bay
Eddy, Pam – Iconic Australia
Ey, Debbie – Approaching Storm
Fagence, Ella – Ad Infinitum
Fitzpatrick, Derrick – Rawnsley Park Station, South Australia
Gardner, Lorraine – Glowing
Gartner, Cass – Ocean Glimpse
Gill, Pauline – South Coast Reflections
Hamilton, Padma – Beach Bums – Fremantle Vibes
Hay, Suzanna – Kimberley Cliff Face
Henwood, Colyn – Kakadu In The Wet
SOLD – Hibbert, Sue – The Drycleaners
Hickey, Rhonda – Kookaburra Lane
Hollier, Robin – Hanging Out
Hurd, Paul – Rethymno Harbour, Crete
Johnson, Bev – Poppy Parade
Kelley, Catherine – Keepers of the Land
Leahy, Tamayo – Gorgeous Peony
Li, Jane – Come On – Hurry Up!
Lockwood, Pam – Tabula Rasa (in the Beginning)
Long, Peter – Vintage Reflections
Maddison, Penny – Bush Buddies
Marirea, Arlene – Summer Holidays
Marmion, Verena – Nude – NFS
McCormack, Julie – Sapin Island – Croatia
Milea, Simona – Berry Farm, WA
Miller, Kale – Leeuwin Light – Flinders Bay, WA
Moss, Sue – Colour Explosion
Neuzerling, Lori – Red-Capped Robin in Pink Marri
O’Brien, Barbara – Bushland
O’Cathail, Zee – Celebrating Our Women Pioneers
Osborne, Irene – Rivergums on the Lyons River
Papalia, Lucy – Whispering Calm
Parker, Valerie – Morning Sun
Payne, Susan – The Basket Seller (Image courtesy of Susan Moss)
SOLD – Peebles, Gillian – Nyoongar Elder, Theresa Walley in “Welcome to Country” Ceremonial Dress
Pittman, Jan – When Two Old Friends Meet
Power, Marion – Lost in Paradise
Robertson, Sandy – Christmas Trees, WA
Sanderson, Jenny – Lotus
Scott, Jude – Luca
Shattock, Kama – Fitzgerald River
Shave, Dana – Tug Boats, Fremantle Harbour
Smith, Noeleen – Inner Peace
Spencer, Helena – Rhapsody
Sullivan, June – Turtle Rocks
Sze, Tony – Smile, Say Cheese
Tan, Bee – Clouds Over Fremantle Octopus
Tolchard, Rosalie – Ride Around Rotto
Vivien, Jessica – Bright Passage
SOLD – Voigt, Valentina – Surf’s Up
Wallman, Annette – Dusk at Daydawn
Wright, Beni – Spring Everlastings
Wright, Renata – Koala Stretch
Yeo, Aurelie – Simpson’s Gap
Yong Too, Philomena – Cattleya Innocence
Young, Evelyn – Backwater Blue
Zandi, Jane – Cottesloe