About the Artist

Born and educated in WA, Gillian’s art has taken her many places, painting in unusual
locations, attending leading art and cultural events and meeting some of the world’s more
interesting, sometimes famous people. Self taught, and multi skilled in the arts, Gillian has
always been a dedicated achiever. She is a respected, multi award winning Artist with State,
National and International experience.

Senior Accreditations: Granted by the Royal Academy of Arts, (RA) London.

UK: 1984/1985 Certificates awarded for unique external studies in “Exhibition procedures and Artistic studies” inclusive of “The Judging of Visual Arts” at international level.  With the RA no longer holding external studies this makes Gillian the only Australian recipient of these awards.

Major Achievement and acknowledgement:

Gillian is the winner of the Silver medal and People’s Choice Awards in the prstigious “2002 Caterina De Medici Plein Air Painting Awards” in Florence, Italy.

The City’s Mayor purchased the artwork and added it to the City’s famous Collection.  Gillian is the recipient of a Certificate of Nomination for “Australian of the Year Awards 2011” for her contribution to the Arts of Australia.

Services Offered.

Gillian is well travelled with across-the-board experience in: Public Speaking, Officiating Events.  Officially opening Art Exhibitions, doing “Walks and Talks” for exhibitions and gentle critiquing of the exhibits.

She is a popular artist for many Commissioned artworks of any media.  Accredited to judge Visual Arts, Sculpture and Architecture.  She is a teacher in the technical correctness of Fine Art.  Also a Fine Arts coordinator, Tutor, Administrator, and Adviser

“I think every artist goes through stages of development my inspirations commenced with my love of sail and the ocean and took me all over the world while now my art is governed by my wanting to explore and experience the many different traditional and contemporary Categories of Fine Arts and to share the knowledge I have gained over the decades.”

Shasta Crazy Petal Daisies


My favourite flower is a white Daisy. In fact, my first oil painting was of daisies painted in the 50s, all facing the viewer! Shocking composition, but the owner still loves it.

If you are interested in viewing / buying please contact me on gkpeebles@hotmail.com

Theresa Walley Portrait


Growing up with indigenous families living on and near our property and going to school with the children I learnt to respect the people and their culture. It was a case of mutual admiration for each other when I met the highly admired Noongar Elder, Theresa Walley. We have become firm friends. Theresa being well known for her ‘Welcome to Country’ and ‘Smoking’ ceremonies which she does for groups, local, State and Federal government events and the reason I wanted to paint her in her traditional ceremonial costume. Each piece handed down from her ancestors.

If you are interested in viewing / buying please contact me on gkpeebles@hotmail.com

Incoming Swell, Point Peron


This is a famous sacred sight for local aboriginals, the area of Cape Peron has been a popular holiday and tourist destination for many West Australian families over the decades.. Here I have tried to capture the petrified forest rocks that jut into the Indian ocean at the tip of the Point and at the northern end of Shoalwater Bay.

If you are interested in viewing / buying please contact me on gkpeebles@hotmail.com

Surf’s Up – Yallingup


This rocky shoreline is famous for holding international Surf competitions. I have fond memories of watching my two sons surfing near these dangerous rocks and my father fishing from them and many a picnic had on the beach, not to mention numerous Plein Air painting excursions.

If you are interested in viewing / buying please contact me on gkpeebles@hotmail.com

Beach Confrontation


The wildlife around the area I live is amazing with friendly dolphins, penguins and seals On a Ferry trip around the islands I was lucky to get close to these two seals having a loud confrontation. I’m not sure if they both thought it was their beach and the other should leave or if the argument was over some females on the beach. I liked the seagull standing as their witness. A photo and quick sketch indicating the reflections and other points of interest secured a future painting subject.

If you are interested in viewing / buying please contact me on gkpeebles@hotmail.com

Gillian-Kaye  Peebles ( formerly Aitken ) working  with Royal Academician Ken Howard OBE RA and staff member  selecting the entries for the Academy’s 217th Summer Exhibition.

My inspiration, in this the Autumn of my life, comes from years of self-study and living an adventurous and exciting life that has taken me all over the world.  Now my passion is to paint, record and share the knowledge I have gained over the decades, much of which is not included or available in the tutorial curriculums of the Visual Art in Australia and could well be the reason why Australians seldom achieve at international level.

When asking a famous international Fine Arts Judge the opinion of Australian art his reply was “your visuals are very exciting and I think that’s because of your isolation but technically you are diabolical.” This was proven to me days later when witnessing Australian entries going through the selection process for the 1985 RA summer exhibition.

Oils showing the dullness of mineral turpentine and bruised watercolour papers eliminating the entries within seconds.. It is interesting to see that most of our leading artists of the last few generations have taken themselves off to the northern hemisphere to study in Academic art institutions and work with people that have technical Visual Art skills.

When they return if they share this knowledge others benefit. Also, they often gain access to quality materials and equipment not available in Australia. With Australia being an island in the early days there were more important cargoes packing the ships than art materials so artists and art teachers started using substitute materials like tar for black. Modern day restorers now financially gaining from these bad habits. It has been proven to me many times over that Technical Correctness is important in the Visual Arts and is worth the time and effort spent in learning.