Scott, Jude

Jude Scott is an award winning artist from Perth, Western Australia.

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Jude has studied painting in oils, watercolour and drawing with professional tutors and artists in Western Australia and at the Charles Sturt University, Bathurst New South Wales, Australia and with Professors Huong , Wei and Wong from China. Exploring the differences between Chinese and Australian watercolour has been a fascinating and insightful experience and was furthered in 2016 with study at the Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Jude says, “I have always felt the urge to create and any time spent doing creative ‘stuff’ is my idea of heaven. If I am not able to get into the studio and be creative, I just don’t feel well!

Why watercolour? Because for me, the textural effects I strive for using colours ranging from delicate translucent tones and colours, through to the powerful opaque dark pigments fascinate me. Although watercolour can be notorious for its unpredictability, this is also part of the fascination of the medium. The challenge of adding visual texture to my artwork to enhance the content of the subject and to provide a little mystery for the viewer is always present. I love to paint diffused light in my works, especially the early morning and early evening landscapes, it is such a restful and beautiful time of the day to portray. When the viewer is able to feel the serenity and calmness intended, I feel I have accomplished my goal,” says Jude..

She is a popular tutor and demonstrator and who runs regular workshops throughout the year and teaches workshops and classes in her studio in Perth, also teaching in country locations that have included Newman in the North West of the state of Western Australia and Margaret River in the southwest. Jude Scott has also taught in Perth city locations of Claremont School of Art, Canning Arts Centre, council venues, various art societies and at Atwell Gallery over the past seven years.

This award winning artist is represented by the Boranup Gallery, in the Margaret River area of Western Australia.


The Watercolour Society of Western Australia.

Melville Community Arts Centre.

Alfred Cove Arts Society.

West Australian Oriental Arts and Cultural Society.

Recent Exhibition Highlights:

2009-2016- Jude has exhibited in many Western Australian exhibitions.

2009-Exhibition in Newman for the support of “Tsunami Victims Red Cross Japanese Appeal 2009.

2012-One of five artists chosen to exhibit in Bellagio Italy, at the 3rd Festival Internationale Dell’Aquerello, Bellagio, Italy. ‘

2013-Solo exhibition at Boranup Gallery.

2013-Feature Artist of the month Boranup Gallery May.

2015-nvitational exhibition – Portraits of Life Exhibition for the Perth Bone and Tissue Bank.

2015-Invitational Exhibition at the Huang Shan Government Gallery, Aan Hui Province China, July 2015.

2015-Invitational exhibition ‘Paintings for a Cause’ – with painting titled ‘Summer Blues’ chosen for reproduction in the 2016

‘Life Lines’ calendar.

Solo in artist’s own studio in November 2015.

2016 -Invitational Exhibition- Pinmoo Gallery at the Tsinghua Arts University – Beijing, China.

2016 -Invitational Exhibition at the government Multi Culture Gallery Nantung, China.

2016-Invited to Exhibit at the International Watercolour Exhibition, Alessandria, Italy.


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