Maddison, Penny

Professional artist specializing in Watercolour and drawing.

I have observed nature all my life and I have practiced my watercolour skills much of that time.

The natural world is the life force behind my work.  Even my chosen medium reflects this.

Watercolour is about  pigments mixed with gum Arabic, delivered to the paper  usually by a brush and subject to the ebb and flow of water and it’s drying cycle.  Like nature, it is deceptively simple and straightforward but closer examination uncovers endless complexity.

My favourite subjects are birds and animals, plants  and landscapes, but even the urban landscape is fascinating as it accommodates that most complex of animals, mankind.  These are my ‘realistic’ paintings.

But my pursuit of nature has also taught me that most things can be reduced to the effect of light and abstract patterns  so I also paint some  less realistic paintings where  a viewer can create their own reality.

Me, Myself & I solo exhibition in 2013 at the Zig zag Gallery, Kalamunda.
Participated in exhibitions of the Watercolour Society of W.A. and others.
Solo exhibitions at Houghton Wines in 1999 and Plum Gallery, Kalamunda in 2008.
A solo is planned for May 2015 at the ZigZag Gallery, Kalamunda.

President of the Watercolour Society of W.A. 2004-2007 ;vice president 2000-2004

Work in collections in U.S.A., Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Holland, Japan, New Zealand, Italy, and South Africa.
Corporate and public collections owning work include; Siemons Nixdorf (R.S.A.), The Royal Bank of Canada, (Johannesburg.)  Time Mining International,
City of Swan  Collection, City of Belmont Collection.

Animal and birds are a main source of subject matter with landscape and architectural subjects, portraits and still lifes.
Extensive travel has influenced her painting greatly.

Taught watercolour painting at Claremont School of Art for 10 years
Tutored a painting trip to New Zealand and co-tutored a trip to the Greek Islands.
Interior Design Diploma, 1970. Perth Technical College. (now Tafe.)

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Some Recent Awards  and events;
Watercolour Society of W.A.Annual Awards 2009- First Prize.
Watercolour Society of W.A.Annual Awards 2010. Second Prize
Watercolour Society of W.A. Annual Awards 2011. First prize-small painting section
Rockingham Plein Air Competition 2007-Watercolour Prize
Rockingham Plein-Air Competition 2009- Overall Prize
Rockingham Plein-Air Competition 2010- Overall Prize
Selected for  “Sentience; a Hidden Life, 2012” exhibition. Ditto 2013
Who’s Who in Western Australia 2007. Ditto 2008
Selected to attend 3rd International Watercolour Competition & Exhibition by Associazione Italiana Acquerellisti in Bellagio, Italy, April 2012.
Selected to attend International Watercolour Exhibition by Associazione Italiana Acquerellisti in Maccagno, Italy, April 2013.

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