Hamilton, Padma

I Love Watercolour!

This intriguing water medium always keeps me thirsty. : )

A few years ago I discovered Sumi-e painting by chance, which re-ignited my attraction to art. While teaching myself how to paint with oriental brushes and ink, an old unfulfilled desire to paint with watercolours called to me. Since then I’ve been feverishly drawing and painting whenever I have time. I love experimenting and being playful with the limitless ways in which watercolours can flow. It brings so much joy when a subject is being captured in a spontaneous way. It is a never ending learning process and an exciting journey.

My lifelong attraction to art led me to work in various graphic design studios, and later having my own company for industrial designs and expos. A shift in my life brought me to the world of alternative medicine, and I have been working as a Cranio Sacral Therapist for the past 20 years and teaching the art of relaxation. Nowadays painting and healing have more equal time in my weekly practice.

I am fascinated with drawing and painting from observation. Apart from painting in my studio and as a way of developing skills and enjoying myself, I paint the human body regularly in life drawing model groups. I am also passionate about plein air painting, urban sketching, and a chief attraction is painting portraits of people and animals. Commissions are welcome.

My main inspirations are David Hockney, Charles Reid and Joseph Zbucvic. I have been privileged to participate in workshops with Joseph Zbucvic, different Chinese Brush painting Masters, John Lovett, and others.

One of the greatest pleasures for me is introducing children to watercolours; sharing my drawing and painting skills with them. It feels like together we enter the magical world of Art and Watercolours. What a blessing!

Contact by email – padma2@iinet.net.au

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