Alexander, Gordon

Creative pursuits have long held me captive.

I cannot remember a time of my life when I was not engaged in something creative and have explored avenues such as drawing and painting, songwriting, performance and audio production as well as instrument fabrication.

The common thread for me in all these pursuits has always been in attempting to solve the problems inherent in reimagining experience; transposing sensations from one form to another.

I am a largely self-taught artist who has learnt various techniques and processes through studied research, curious exploration and good old fashioned trial and error.

Much of my current work in watercolour is increasingly informed by painting outside in the elements – en plein air. Faced with the majesty of an arresting subject I work quickly in an attempt to simplify it, condense it, understand it whilst seeking to capture the feeling of fleeting light.

Many of my works are available for sale and I will consider all offers of commissioned work. I am available for tutoring either in the studio or en plein air.