Drawing and painting has always been an important part of Pauline’s life. She grew up in Victoria and  later became a secondary arts and crafts teacher, teaching in East Gippsland, loving her life on the Gippsland lakes and sketching the dreamy landscapes.

On her return to Melbourne she was accepted into the Gallery School at that time headed by John Brack. When she returned to teaching she changed to Primary art teaching, enjoying working with young children and their freedom of expression.

She and her husband worked around Australia, doing all sorts of jobs. Living and working in the Northern Territory and later the Pilbara gave her a love of the northwest landscape.

After moving to Perth with a young family, there was little time for painting.

Later, in Perth, she followed a long- held desire, and studied ceramics. As a potter she worked for many years with Guildford Village Potters and teaching part-time. Painting was restricted to holidays.

A year in Canada introduced her to watercolours and she returned a committed watercolourist, finding it a fresh and delightful medium. She became a member of the watercolour Society of Western Australia and never looked back, enjoying the companionship and support. She exhibits with them regularly and her work is in many private collections.

 She regularly paints “plein air” both at home in the Perth hills,and when on travel. Her studio paintings are sourced from these, sketches and photographs taken. Some of the areas she particularly loves are the south coast and the rocks of the eastern wheatbelt. But she also enjoys painting portraits from life.

As she says “I am always striving to create works of a higher standard and I love what I do.”