WEEK 10 – Inspired By Music

Well, it’s all come to an end and many thanks to all of you who took up the challenge to Keep the Brushes Wet!  I have been impressed by all the wonderful works that have come in and especially the degree of creativity. Many thanks to Debbie Ey for putting them up on the website for everyone to enjoy.

Now on to the paintings:

Jill McLean-The Sicilian; love the concentration on the musician’s face.

Pam White- The Waltz of the Flowers; Pam you are so inventive!

Carol Nagy – Instruments; loose with a modern look, very Jazzy.

Julie McCormack- In the Mood; lovely balance of light and dark.

Tamayo Leahy- You raise Me Up. Again, Tamayo has shared her culture with us. Thank you, Tamayo,

Helen Cockburn- Blowing in the wind; Like Pam you bring us paintings full of movement and excitement.

Angela Wang- Fingers Dancing; Exceptional.

Rod Brown-
Violin in Venice;
Cello Time; the use of dry brush to indicate the bow gives an impression of movement which works well in quite a few of these pieces.
Sweet Music;
String Quartet; Intensity to the players.
Hands at Play; really interesting angle.

Jan Pittman – Both sides now by Joni Mitchell; deep and meaningful I assume!

How on earth do I decide who to send the Baohong Masters paper samples?  Well for this last time I am going to do for Quantity as well as quality and send them to Rod Brown.

I would love to know what some of you who have received the paper feel about it. Cheers, Penny Maddison

Rod Brown – Hands at Play
Rob Brown – String Quartet
Rod Brown – Cello Time
Rod Brown – Sweet Music
Rod Brown – Liebseleid
Rod Brown – Violin in Venice