WEEK 9 – Pets

What a great lot of paintings, this is another favourite subject it seems. I got half way through a painting but had to give up as life intervened. Here’s how I saw them.

Jane Zandi- Classic Westie; gorgeous, gorgeous.

Marg Dewar-Brown Dog; very cute but an eye test may be in order.

Pam Eddy- Diva; She looks a very happy diva.

Carol Nagy- Hatchlings; two baby turtles heading for the ocean. We need every one of them to survive.  Great environmental comment!

Anki Wickison- Nutmeg; Those eyes just made me melt and I swear I saw her nose twitch.

Anki Wickison – Ninja; another lovely dog portrait. Love the understated areas which draw the viewer to the face. 

Jan Pittman-Albo the Western Spotted Frog;  Ribbert!

Jude Scott- Feathered Friend; how can one not love a bird with a permanent feather boa. These  two look like they are having a ball. 

Angela Wang- Polo; What a beautiful and well- groomed dog. Add to that also very well painted. Again lovely eyes that grab one’s attention.

Padma Hamilton- a friendly one; I couldn’t believe anything bad about this little feller. Love the splashes of colour.

Padma Hamilton- His true colours; So interesting to see a semi abstract approach. It works well.

Roz Jenke- Hamish; Well that is cat-i-tude for you. Well caught.

Pauline Gill- Snoopy, my friendly neighbour; He looks friendly and who could resist someone who visits with a butterfly.

Pam White- When are you going to kiss me; Another lovely painting from Pam and it tell a great story. Social distancing I think Pam.  Another Ribbert!

Tamayo Leahy- Please give me something to eat: Who could resist him and don’t the shoe prints add an interesting element.

I’m not into saying one painting is “best” as they are all excellent.  I would like to send the paper packs to Anki Wickison for her two lovely dog portraits, to Padma Hamilton for her two paintings which one which celebrate colour, line and movement. Lastly Carol Nagy for embracing the environment.

Anki Wikison – Ninja
Anki Wikison – Nutmeg
Padma Hamilton – His True Colours
Padma Hamilton – A Friendly One
Carol Nagy – Hatchlings