Free Workshops with Winsor & Newton – Mon 16th to Fri 20th March, 2020

We are very pleased to announce that Winsor & Newton’s resident artist, Carla Hananiah, will be holding 2 workshops for four days at the International Watercolour Exhibition  and one expanded Workshop – Working en Plein Air.

  • Monday, 16th March until Friday 20th March
  • The Moores Building, Henry Street, Fremantle
  • Bookings essential!
  • Contact: Dave Conlin
  • email: 
  • ph: 0417 959 053

Monday 16th              10 – 12  Workshop 1   2 – 4  Workshop 2
Tuesday 17th           10 – 12  Workshop 1   2 – 4 Workshop 2
Wednesday 18th     10 – 12 Workshop 1    2 – 4 Workshop 2
Thursday 19th         10 – 12 Workshop 1   2 – 4 Workshop 2
Friday 20th               10 – 2   Workshop 1 – expanded

Workshop 1: Working En Plein Air

Explore specific palettes and processes for working en plein air to best capture the sense of place in that moment. From coast to country, arid to alpine – experiment with various location-specific colours and mixes in response to provided subject imagery (or bring your own images to work from).

Workshop 2:  Explore painting and application processes in watercolour

Experiment with various mediums including masking devices, textural mediums as well as modes of paint application. Discover new ways of expressing your creative vision within the medium of watercolour and gouache.

Materials supplied – Moore & Moore Café on the premises for coffee, lunch etc

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