IWEF 2020 – Asian Societies Exhibiting

IWEF 2020 – Asian Societies Exhibiting

From slightly closer to home we have had great interest in the International Watercolour Exhibition – Fremantle 2020 from Asia.

Our near neighbours are keen to attend and below is a listing of the Societies that have responded in a positive vein. Just a taste of what is to come.

Singapore – https://watercolour.org.sg/

India – http://watercoloursocietyindia.com/

Shenzhen Watercolour Society – Visit the website of Xidan Chen who is president of the Shenzhen Watercolour Society – www.xidanchen.com

Beijing Chin Hua University

Vietnam – Click for Facebook Link

The Philippines – https://iwsphilippines.org/

Ho Chi Minh City – Click for Facebook Link

Indonesian Society of Botanical Artists – http://idsba.com

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