Originally from Romania, Simona studied painting, sculpture and technical drawing (architecture) for eight years at the School of Fine Arts under the Communist regime, exhibiting at local galleries.  Her real passion was architecture, but she pursued an engineering degree at the Institute of Construction in Bucharest, followed by nine years as a surveyor.  Her current works combine an architect’s love of built form with a surveyor’s demand for accuracy and perspective, and with an artist’s eye for colour and design.

When the walls of communism fell, Simona travelled to the USA where, whilst studying for a Master’s Degree in Christian Education and a Doctoral Degree in Social Studies, she also illustrated children’s books.

She returned to post-communist Romania where she discovered orphanages full of neglected children infected with needle-acquired HIV/AIDS.   She became the co-founder and director of a charity which planned to move the children into group homes for a better life.  One of the charity’s sponsors became her husband.  Two years Simona emigrated to Western Australia, where she continued another cottage care for troubled kids project through Kingsway College.

Simona studied for a Postgraduate Diploma of Science and Information Services from Edith Cowan University which led her to work with the WA Parliamentary Library. Here, Simona discovered the architecture of Parliament House and her passion for architecture and art was re-awakened and after twenty-five years away from her easel, Simona was inspired to pick up her paintbrush again.

Simona likes to draw the details she sees and to capture the way the colours play between shadow and light on the architectural subjects. She likes to paint the beauty that is within the everyday and the ordinary and she is drawn to each subject in the hope of making and sharing those discoveries.

Simona was commissioned different artwork and portraits and also drew several portraits as departure gifts to inspirational staff who served in the Parliament for over twenty years.

A number of her artworks, generously gifted by Simona, hang permanently in Parliament House. Simona particularly enjoys using watercolours but she also uses acrylic and oils colours. She does commissioned work in her home studio from her sketches and photos.

Simona’s Website:  http://mileasart.com/

Contact by email – simonamilea@iinet.net.au