About the Artist

Anastasia is an emerging artist based in Secret Harbour, Rockingham Area. She loves to work with various media with watercolours and alcohol inks being in her primary focus. Translucency and thinnest layers – that is what attracts her in those media.

Although art has been a part of her life since childhood, it was the birth of her children that has inspired her to go further in this journey. She is now seeking the opportunity to accomplish her ideas, share her creative passion and connect with people of the same interests. Anastasia’s work is inspired by nature, childhood and the connection between them. She is exploring the psychological aspects of painting process and healing effects of intuitive abstract painting.

Anastasia is passionate about her media, she is actively learning and sharing her knowledge at workshops. She is running children’s and adult classes in watercolours in Perth’s Learning Centre for Russian Language “Mosaica” and working on her own program in Watercolour Meditation.




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Anastasia Wright Art