Conlin, Dave

Born in the UK, in the industrial NE town of Middlesbrough, all I ever wanted to be as a child was an artist and I spent most of my school lunch times in
the art room.
I was dissuaded from becoming an artist and directed instead into industry where I became an apprentice at the local ICI petrochemical complex. I enjoyed engineering and had an extremely varied and interesting career in Petrochemicals, Steel, Oil and

My particular branch of engineering was in demand Worldwide and gave me the opportunity to work in other countries. In 1988 my family, wife Sandra and teenage children Andrew and Adele emigrated to Australia.
In 2008 Sandra pushed me to start painting and as soon as I walked into the art room my passion for art was reignited. I remember sitting at the table and my fingers tingling as I was doing a drawing. This time I followed my heart and threw myself into learning
everything I could, as quickly as I could.
In 2012 I started concentrating on painting in watercolours and fell in love with this most challenging of mediums. After watching a DVD of Alvaro Castagnet painting Plein Air I realized this was what I wanted to do and quit engineering to concentrate on my art.
My paintings are busy, dynamic outdoor scenes with plenty of action, people, boats, cafe scenes, construction work etc.
I enjoy both Impressionism and fine art and love all the art mediums but paint mostly watercolours and pastels.  I have worked with numerous famous artists and avidly study their philosophies and techniques while ensuring to keep developing my own style:
Alvaro Castagnet (twice)
David Taylor
Joseph Zbukvic
Herman Pekel
and local artists Carl Haanappel, D’hange Yammanee, Drewfus Gates, Greg Baker, Ian De Souza
WA Watercolour Society Plein Air Award June 2015 -Winner
Mandurah Crab Festival Plein Air competition May 2015 – Winner
Western Australia Society of Arts Plein Air award 2013- Winner
Perth Pastel Society Annual Exhibition Oct 2014 -Runner up
My paintings are hung in Australia, England, USA, Canada, Bahrain, Ireland, New Zealand and in the Ex Governor of Perth’s home

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