I still recall the joy of those first painting experiences using a cheap plastic child’s brush and watercolour palette with bright round discs of paint. When I was growing up my family house had some beautifully executed watercolour paintings on it’s walls. These sparked my interest in painting watercolours. One of the paintings was a depiction of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

The exotic painting of Istanbul had made such an impression on me; I took a university exchange in Turkey for a year during my Bachelor of Fine Art. After doing a graduate Diploma in Art Therapy, I took up watercolours more seriously while teaching English in Switzerland. Watercolour is a great media for somebody who travels a lot because it is so compact.

By the time I had reached 30 I had spent over six years living internationally. In this time I found a great deal of inspiration visiting the old towns and galleries of Europe. In 2010 I returned to Australia to do a Masters in Teaching specializing in Visual Art.

Though I enjoy painting a range of subjects, including landscapes, cityscapes and flower arrangements, my current favorite subject matter is figurative. I take a particular interest in dancers. This is inspired by the hours of my childhood spent beside the dancer floor while my parents taught ballroom.

More recently, I have done a series of maternity art paintings exploring my own pregnancy experience.

I have a passion for teaching as well as my own painting. Watercolour can be a tricky medium and some people are quickly disheartened when they do not get immediate results. I use my knowledge as an experienced teacher to design courses that build students competency with a carefully structured activities.

I particularly enjoy teaching beginners as they first discover the spontaneity, brilliance and versatility of watercolours. At present I teach at Jackson’s Drawing supplies in Cannington Perth and Victoria Park Arts Centre in East Victoria Park. Please see my website for details.
Website: Verena Marmion

Contact by email: marmionverena@hotmail.com

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