I have always liked art ever since I was a wee tot!!!  I got great thrills of copying, colouring in or just doodling.  I still have some of my doodles today.  I completed an art and design course in Melbourne and I’ve been inspired by art ever since.

When I married and had children, they became my art.  I was in a new world of fulfillment.  But as time went on, I became thirsty again and began my art journey once more.

Horses have been a passion of mine since I was 10 years old having my first Arab yearling.  As you can imagine, it was a fun time for me with breaking and handling a young animal.  I have always been around animals and my affinity for their affection has been important to my growth as an artist.  Hence my paintings try to express behaviour and expression and most importantly movement.

Innovation has also been considerably important to me to move away from the ordinary to play with the excitement of the unknown.

Hope you enjoy the fulfillment of my creativity.

Website:      www.catherinekelley.id.au

Contact by email – kelinda@iinet.net.au