“I Love Watercolours!  This intriguing medium always keeps me flowing into new adventures”

Padma is a figurative watercolour artist, who considers that being an artist is a privilege.

She thrives on exploring the creative process, experimenting with the limitless ways in which watercolours can flow. Creating art, is a never ending learning process and an exciting journey.

Her main fascination is drawing and painting from observation, all subjects, and particularly the human figure. Apart from painting in her studio, she is developing her skills by a regular practice of painting live models with watercolours, in short time poses. It is a magical phenomenon when a quickly captured subject, appears spontaneously on the paper.  

She is also passionate about urban sketching and plein air painting. You can often see her wandering around Fremantle, sketchbook in hand, painting urban scenes or beach goers.
Padma loves sharing her skills and knowledge with fellow art lovers, and especially enjoys introducing children to watercolours, in a playful way.

Currently, she is teaching Sketching with watercolours, at Fremantle Arts Center.

Painting portraits of people and animals, is another favourite form of expression. Her portraits are painted in a fresh and vibrant style.

Commissions are welcome.  For inquiries about commissions or tuition, please contact Padma on 0420 483 774 or via email.