Associazione Italiana Acquerellisti

Interested in purchasing a painting from this gallery??

Contact the Watercolour Society of WA via the President, Susan Payne

Susan will then assist you with the purchase and postage.

Please state clearly the Artist, Title and Price of the painting. All paintings will be shipping unframed & without mat board. Each painting is 35cm x 50 cm.

Becherucci, Sofia – Crepuscolo a San Terenzo – AU$240
Bracaloni, Cristina – Shipwreck – AU$800
Chiaberta, Carla – Sorpresa – NFS
Del Pizzo Villani, Lara – Sensualita in Rosso – NFS
Galotto, Vittoria – Ritratto – AU$488
Grablevskaia, Elena – Tango ll – NFS
SOLD – Grignani, Daniela – Voglia di Luce…. – AU$400
Guerrieri, Irene – Surface and Depth, So We Are – AU$650
Jacchia, Elisabetta – Maso Dionisiaco – AU$400
Lancini, Vanna – Overlooking the Harbour – AU$1,130
Lorini, Pierantonio – Scaffoldings in Agia Sofia – AU$950
Mantica, Luigi – Afghanistan – AU$480
Maioli, Franca – Emma Morano – AU$730
Prina, Roberto – The Silkworm – AU$650
Scaringi, Marta – I Love You – AU$700
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