Interested in purchasing a painting from this gallery?? All paintings have been returned to the Artists.

Contact the Watercolour Society of WA via the President, Susan Payne if you are interested in a painting and she will assist you in contacting the artist direct.

Becherucci, Sofia – Crepuscolo a San Terenzo – NFS
Bracaloni, Cristina – Shipwreck – NFS
Chiaberta, Carla – Sorpresa – NFS
Del Pizzo Villani, Lara – Sensualita in Rosso – NFS
Galotto, Vittoria – Ritratto – NFS
Grablevskaia, Elena – Tango ll – NFS
SOLD – Grignani, Daniela – Voglia di Luce…. – NFS
Guerrieri, Irene – Surface and Depth, So We Are – NFS
Jacchia, Elisabetta – Maso Dionisiaco – NFS
Lancini, Vanna – Overlooking the Harbour – NFS
Lorini, Pierantonio – Scaffoldings in Agia Sofia – NFS
Mantica, Luigi – Afghanistan – NFS
Maioli, Franca – Emma Morano – NFS
Prina, Roberto – The Silkworm – NFS
Scaringi, Marta – I Love You – NFS