Plein Air Competition hosted by Watercolour Society WA

What better way to start their Third International Watercolour Exhibition than by celebrating the beautiful City of Perth through a Plein Air painting competition. The exhibition, which will be held in the foyer of stunning Perth Central Park building, will be preceded by a watercolour Plein air competition where any artist working in watercolour can join the exhibiting members of the Watercolour Society to compete for Generous prizes.

This competition will give the public the opportunity to view their city through the artists eyes and to see how watercolour is such a perfect medium to capture the heart and soul of a place and the public are encouraged to stop and watch.

Anyone wanting to participate whether a seasoned painter or newbie can register as long as you work in watercolour on the day. Registrations can be done on the website prior to the day.

Plein air paintings are painted on location.  Artists aim to capture the light exactly as it is at that moment in time as a snapshot in watercolour.  They are painting quickly as light changes; wind picks up and elements change.

Artists enrolled to participate in the International Watercolour Exhibition 2024 in Perth will be dotted around the CBD with their easels and paints capturing buildings, people, trees, shops, and alleyways.

This freshness is very hard to recreate in the studio and some collectors of art only collect plein air paintings.

Paintings will be viewed in vacant shop fronts starting in London Court and Carillion Arcade.

Prizes: First Prize $2,000  Second Prize $1,000 – Both prizes are acquisitive.

Judging will take place at 2.30pm and prizes awarded at Western Australia Visitor Centre.  10% discount vouchers for a drink at Gramercy Bar will be given to participants.

These paintings may be purchased through the IWEx2024 in Perth Central Park.


When: Friday 31st May 9.30am – 1.30pm

Where: Around the CBD Perth. Perth Central Park,