Welcome to the new cycle of the Watercolour Society. A huge thank you to Sue Payne who has mentored me through this big transition and into this whole new journey.
Welcome to our new committee members, Sue Liddicoat (Treasurer), Peter Allen (New Membership Coordinator) and Anastasia Wright (Facebook). Thank you to those who are continuing on committee. I’m looking forward to working with you all.
Thank you for those stepping down from committee and for all your hard work, Pam Lockwood, Marion Power, Jane Li and Jennifer Hughes. You have made a fabulous contribution to our society.
We have some exciting times ahead. The AAE with a first sponsorship night … more sponsors are always welcome.
Sponsors night is an opportunity for the society to invite and thank those who give us money, services and prizes. They in turn invite their partners, families and clients. This leads onto them potentially gaining further clients and us gaining more sponsorship.
More sponsorship means bigger prizes, but primarily it promotes the profile of watercolours within WA. Profile promotion will generate excitement, new followers of our medium and in turn more sales.

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