Hello everyone

We had a great trip to Japan last month and I have to say a huge congratulations to our artists – Jane Zandi, Lucy Papalia, Cass Gartner, Stephanie Boyle and Penny Maddison who all ran workshops under challenging circumstances – with grateful thanks to our host, Nagi Iwasaki, for being their interpreter. The 12 paintings from the WSWA that took part in the exhibition were accomplished, colourful and interesting subjects and in my opinion, stood out well – but then I may be slightly biased! We met some wonderful artists in Kobe – Michael Solovyev, Stephen Yau, Aood Ampawa and a host of others – so many networking opportunities!

One of the main highlights of our visit was a guided tour around the Holbein watercolour factory in Osaka. What a privilege and the whole process from grinding down the pigments to filling the tubes was explained to our group of totally enthralled artists who now have a greater appreciation of what it takes to produce those tubes of magic. We’d like to say another huge thank you to Tets Seraguchi and his wonderful staff at Holbein.

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