Hello everyone

I hope you all had a safe and happy Christmas and are now ready to break all those New Year resolutions – except the ones about painting of course!

You will have seen in an email I sent to you all recently that we have now set up specific office bearer’s email addresses to better reflect the Watercolour Society of WA and to make it easier for you to contact the correct person. These are designated email addresses that will belong to the office bearer’s position eg president@watercolourswa.org.au etc. They are listed on the contacts page of this Newsletter and on our website. There will be a transition period for a while so that people will get used to using the new addresses.

We will start to use the new voting slips this month – we have altered them according to the discussions we had at a meeting last year where you put forward your suggestions. Some of these changes are explained on page 8, the voting form will reflect others. Also on page 8 is an article written by Penny Maddison which explains why we have selection and why we need to make the effort to vote for new members ourselves. The members voted for us to be accepted into the Society so the least we can do is vote for new members each month. Please be honest – it is anonymous so no-one will know what you have written!

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Featured image from the Xmas Meeting

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Newsletter No. 430 – February 2023