The Annual Awards Exhibition 2022

We present our award winners for 2022.  Congratulations everyone!


Winner of The Julie Michael Overall Winner Award, sponsored by Allegro Limited, the Watercolour Society of WA, Winsor & Newton and Seniors Art Supplies              

No 3 The Quadriga of Unity by Gordon Alexander

Winner of the General Category, sponsored by Allegro Pty Ltd, Winsor & Newton, Art Presentations and Arts Edge

No 47 Early Spring by Andy Dolphin 

Winner of the “MY WA Staycation” Award, sponsored by The Watercolour Society of WA, Winsor & Newton, Frances Fry of Spraggon George and Paccabag

No 74 Dreaming of Home by Cass Gartner

Winner of The John Hadlow Plein Air Award sponsored by Art Presentations, Art & Craft World and Paccabag

No 124 Better Days by John Lane

Winner of the Valerie Parker Still Life Category, sponsored by Arts Edge, Pictures Plus and Paccabag

No 186 Guild the Lily by Jude Scott

Winner of the Ron and Jean Green Innovative Award, sponsored by Oxlades and Art Canvas Services

No 236 Inner Child by Anastasia Wright

Highly Commended Awards

Sponsored by Art & Craft World, Market Gallery Framing, and Arts Edge


No    248  Chicken Fandango by Jane Zandi               


No    155  Benedictine Monastery Gate, New Norcia by Simona Milea

No    223 Perth Town Hall by Angela Wang

No    28   Bathers Beach View by John Bullock

No    179 Dancing in Circles by Marion Power

No    27   Moore & Moore Café by John Bullock

No    46   Albany Winter by Andy Dolphin

No    228 Standing Tall by Anki Wickison

Sponsors Choice Selections

Selected by Allegro Pty Ltd

No 50 Worth the Walk by Ren Douglas




Selected by Arts Presentations

No 74 , Dreaming of Home by Cass Gartner


Selected by Anonymous

No 1 Timeless Frame by Natalia Achino


Selected by Jackson’s Drawing Supplies

No 75, My Favourite Time of Day by Cass Gartner


Selected by Market Gallery Framing

No 183 Bush Camping by Jude Scott

A Few of our Demonstrators

Renata Wright
Lori Neuzerling
Jude Scott
Padma Hamilton