I ’m not going to spend time finding different adjectives to describe how good the Second International Exhibition Fremantle was – I know
that those of you who managed to visit it and take part in it will understand what I mean…….
We have had literally hundreds of people through and were so very pleased to welcome Chrissie Menzies, President of Watercolours New
Zealand and Silvia Zulaika, President of the Indonesian Watercolour Summit who both came to WA to visit the exhibition.
We had so many helpers and amazing photos of them, apologies to anyone whose photo doesn’t appear in this newsletter – there will be
more in the next edition.
Many WSWA and overseas paint ings have now found new homes and it was interesting to see the expression on so many people’s faces when they realised that so many of the paintings were actually sent from the 14 other countries. When you think about it, it really is a great honour for the Society to have the support of so many Watercolour Societies from so many different countries and the result has been spectacular……….


Also, the Minutes from the last meeting are on the Members Only Page

“I have found in work that you only get back what you put into it – but it does come back gift-wrapped”

Joyce Brothers