Lisa Wang will be conducting a 3 day Watercolour Masterclass on Sunday 12, Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 June, 2022 as part of the International Watercolour Exhibition Fremantle 2022.  Note this is a Masterclass and not suitable for beginners.

Lisa is a member of the Victorian Art Society and the Vice President of the Watercolour Society of Victoria. she has held 7 solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions. In recent years she has travelled to Italy、Shangri-La、Paris、Belgium and China on painting trips with internationally renown master artists. Lisa enjoys working with an extensive variety of subjects, but portraits are her favourite.

Her confident brush work, use of colour and ability to capture light make her paintings unique and highly sought after by art lovers and collectors world wide.

Jane Zandi is the contact for bookings.

Visit Lisa Wang’s website to view her exciting works.