WatercoloursWA Annual Awards Exhbition 2020


Opening Night 8 October @ 6.30pm – Italian Club Fremantle – FREE ENTRY

The exhibition continues on 9th, 10th (9am to 5pm) and 11th (9am to 4pm) at the Fremantle Italian Club. All paintings are for sale. Do come and check it out.

To wet your appetite for the Exhibition below is a preview of some of the paintings that will be on display at the Italian Club, Fremantle.

Dana Shave

“Ord River Reflections “. Beautiful work Dana congratulations. Dana’s painting was done from holiday photos but back in the studio after the holiday.

Richard Bristow

Richard lived in Dunsborough for six years and this was a regular place for him to go.  It is such a beautiful panoramic scene to capture.  This is the first time Richard has painted it as a full sheet which makes it more sensational.

Annette Wallman

This painting is titled “waddling, webbed, wonderful water birds”. Annette says “These fellows waddled down to the waters edge for a wash and to soak in the last rays from the sun. A friendly group not the least bit dazed by our presence. Their feathers glowed as the sun set”. Beautiful work Annette, an absolute stunner!

Simona Milea

This year Simona Milea is submitting this beautiful painting of kangaroos from down @visitesperance .

Penny Maddison

we admire our Vice President’s submission into the special W category at the Watercolour Society’s Annual Awards Exhibition. Penny Maddison has painted “welders”. Penny likes to find beauty in the mundane. Working from a photo, I work out composition, balance, tones and colours. Thus taking the viewer onto the worksite with the hot sizzle of welding, the focus of the men and how beautiful it can be. Congratulations Penny,

Stephanie Boyle

This is an exciting entry in the Watercolour Society Annual Awards Exhibition. It is Stephanie Boyle’s submission in the plein air category. Stephanie likes to wander around Kings Park botanical gardens, taking in the light and possibilities. On her usual route this stunning view always captivated her! The light on the river is always changing and this is what captivates her on her early morning walks. With her plein air kit packed she’s out to capture that beautiful magical light. Awesome work Stephanie!!

Cass Gartner

We admire Cass Gartner’s submission “wild and woody” for the Watercolour Society’s Annual Awards Exhibition this year. The special category this year is W for Watercolour as we celebrate 40 years of our society. This nails it Cass congratulations on your submission for W ! This painting was inspired by the fabulous Herman Pekel, but painted from many photos taken by Cass at Margaret River. Cass chose to do ‘stay at home’ down at her Margaret River property. Well done Cass.

Jane Zandi

Members of the society are busy getting organised for the Annual Awards Exhibition in October . Here is Jane Zandi’s “Blue banded big boy” from her Bees series,number7. She was inspired and encouraged by all the different bee groups on social media and their photos. The light on the hives, became a challenge with bringing the en plein air light into the studio for this series. A limited pallet consisting of only a few colours brought this painting and the series together harmoniously.

Geraldine Box

We admire Geraldine Box’s submission for the Watercolour Society Annual Awards Exhibition. Geraldine says “The light on the river captured my attention and encouraged me to hastily set up my plein air equipment. The windows of opportunity open and close quickly for artists who paint ‘en plein air’ in the open air. Derbarl / Swan River is a magic place, here at Success Hill. On this morning the river offered contemplation and a serene, mystical quality. What more could a Watercolour artist desire?”

Debbie Ey


This is Debbie Ey’s entry for the Watercolour Society Annual Awards Exhibition. This painting is small, about A5 in size, it was completed en plein air. Debbie is from Bunbury in the Southwest. She spent considerable time out driving around greater Bunbury area looking for subjects during the Covid stay at home time. Being isolated in rural areas was a safe way to get her “creative exercise “. The subject of this is very close to home. The Watson Reserve is a small area near the Collie River in Eaton, great for taking your dogs off lead. The trees and the light falling behind them captured Debbies eye and in her usual style the colours ran riot. Congratulations Debbie