Cass Gartner – Workshop Wrap-up

On 29 & 30th April 2019, Cass Gartner held a two day workshop at the Port Beach Restaurant in Fremantle. Day 1 was focused on Portrait painting and Day 2 on Street Scenes.

Cass did a mini critique of everyone’s work on the Monday and an even minier one on the Tuesday – it went well.

The workshops went very smoothly and participants were very happy. There was great feed-back with participants saying that they thought it was very good. They were especially pleased about Cass’s generosity and helpfulness, to the point they asked to be put on a list of any future workshops. Cass spread her time generously and evenly between all in attendance and gave good advice.

The restaurant was closed for lunch on the Tuesday so Cass’s sister Veronica, her friend Helen and Cass herself organised lunch on the Tuesday. It went very well with many people commenting on how “delish” the food was. Marion very kindly organised wine and chocolates for us as a thanks. (Thanks again Marion!)

Cass is excited about the opportunity to do more workshops in the future.

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