Dave Conlin – Workshop Wrap-up

On 11 & 12 May 2019, Dave Conlin held a workshop entitled “PRODUCING SUCCESSFUL, EVERYDAY STREET SCENES” at the War Widows Guild in Menora for 14 students. The students were all members of the public.

True to the theme of the workshop, all who attended “produced successful everyday street scenes”.

Heads down…..working hard learning new techniques

The attendees particularly enjoyed the monotone painting of boats in harbour and instruction and the demonstration on how to paint figures and cars into a street scene before we put it all together by completing two street paintings.

Dave demonstrating his techniques with the aid of some nice modern technology.

They covered all aspects of drawing skills required to draw street scenes, perspective, people, cars and how to use full range of tones to make a painting dynamic

Dave’s workshop was a great success – below are a couple of feedback emails from people who participated.

Dear WSWA,

I just wanted to let you know what a fabulous event I was at over the weekend.
I was lucky to go to the Dave Conlin workshop which was truly inspirational. I feel I learned more in 2 days that I have, trying to learn myself in the last 6 months. 
Hats off to Dave he was friendly, warm generous with his skill and knowledge and a great sense of humour. 
Not sure but I recon we all had a great weekend. 
Thanks to you and Dave for a great experience.
Shelley Dodds

Well Done DAVE!

Hi Dave

Just to say thank you for the weekend watercolor workshops – I found them very informative, inspirational and lots of fun.

I learned so much in the two days and gained confidence, which was what I needed, and I do feel a marked improvement in my work now – drawing skills as well as painting and composition.

I think no matter what stage anyone is at on the watercolor journey, everyone will benefit from your workshops and feel at ease.

Kind regards


Another very satisfied customer.

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