The Giant Library in the Sky

As members of the Watercolour Society we are lucky to have access to the Society’s library of books and dvd’s at the monthly meetings.  Sometimes you just need to read something in between these meetings, or maybe you have read them all.

The sky is the limit, almost! 

There are some great resources available on-line via your local Library and the State Library of WA.  Books and Magazines living in the Cloud. 

Often, we don’t have the time to visit these wonderful places, so viewing magazines and books online is a great option open to us all.

The first step is to become a member of your local library and from there access their online resources.  (List of WA Libraries is at the bottom of this post)

The wonderful librarians who work at these places will assist you to find your way about online.  From your local library it isn’t a big step to join the State Library of WA.  Here again are more resources.

An example of the magazines available via your local library are: Artists & Illustrators, Creative Artist, Artists Palette, Australian How to Paint and Drawing. 

All eMagazines are full text, full image, and available 24/7, with no worry about missing issues or returning them to the library.  There is a great selection of back issues to browse through.

If you aren’t sure where your nearest library is, just call your local Council or Shire and they will direct you there, or download the list below and visit the nearest library.

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