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I have always had a strong connection to nature - it’s a fascination that kept me grounded and constantly observing the flora around me. I’ve also long been a fan of botanical art – the accurate portrayal of a plant subject – whether a plant portrait or a scientific illustration with dissections to show the viewer more information. Where art meets science …

Growing up on a farm was a real gift to me – the opportunity to live in a vast landscape where the eye was taken beyond the material trappings and into the natural world. Being in quiet observation of the surroundings enabled me to tune in to the intricate workings of plants and flowers, from a bare twig or seed pod through to the most abundantly glorious blooms. That peace remains with me when I am in my studio working on a painting.

After years working in the media, I came to art and particularly botanical illustration later in life. I spent time studying the botanical and technical side of this art, fortunate enough to enjoy workshops at the Botanical Art School of Melbourne and in particular to study for three years with the UK Society of Botanical Artists - where I graduated with a Diploma with Distinction.

My artworks were shown in London at their annual SBA exhibitions and also in Perth at two recent exhibitions showcasing emerging artists and also a nature collective exhibition featuring botanical art.

I love all flora and usually draw and paint that which calls to me. I have recently spent more time relaxing the stricter rules of illustration and enjoying a more artistic approach which allows me to have a bit of fun and explore the playfulness of watercolour.

I am a member of the Botanical Art Society of Australia and the American Society of Botanical Artists and now a Member of the Watercolour Society of Western Australia. I am really looking forward to being more creative and exploring new approaches with art and watercolour.

“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher” William Wordsworth

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