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Simona studied painting, sculpture and technical drawing (architecture) for eight years at the School of Fine Arts in Romania under the Communist regime, exhibiting at local galleries.

Her real passion was architecture, but years of detailed drawings affected her eyesight, so she pursued an engineering degree, followed by nine years as a surveyor.

Simona’s current works combine an architect’s love of built form with a surveyor’s demand for accuracy and perspective and with an artist’s eye for colour and design.
“My passion for art and architecture of past centuries has been awakened through working at the Parliamentary Library”.

Simona was commissioned to do different artwork and portraits and also drew several portraits as departure gifts to inspirational staff who served in the Parliament for over twenty years

“When I draw portraits, as a sculptor I visualize them in 3D and when I paint landscapes I do them as an architect. I am more an architect than a painter, but overall these combine well in my paintings” Simona said.
“I like to draw the details I see and I love the way the colours play between shadow and light on the architectural subject.  There is a beauty within the everyday and the ordinary that only painting can reveal I am drawn to each subject in the hope of making and sharing those discoveries.

Five years ago Simona was commissioned by the Legislative Council President to design his Christmas cards and this has continued.
Painting is my way to give back part of myself to express my gratitude and contentment to be in this place.
In the meantime she continues to paint portraits and landscapes at home while ten of her watercolours hang in on the walls of the Parliament.


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