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Drawing and painting has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember.
After leaving school I trained as a secondary arts and craft teacher in Victoria and taught in eastern Victoria and later was accepted into the Gallery School headed at the time by John Brack. Oils were then my preferred medium. Later again I returned to teaching art in primary schools, loving working with younger children and enjoying their freedom of expression.

With my husband I moved to WA in 1972, after working our way around Australia. Living and working in the Northern Territory and later in the Pilbara I learned to love the landscapes of the North and North-West.

Back in Perth I studied ceramics, a long-time interest, and became a potter, working for many years with Guildford Village Potters. I continued teaching art part-time and with that and children, painting became limited to my holidays.

A year in Canada had me exploring watercolour and I returned a committed watercolourist. I joined the Watercolour Society of Western Australia and never looked back. I find it such a fresh and delightful medium and it is such a pleasure to know that people are enjoying my paintings in their homes and workplaces both here and overseas.

I love to work “plein air” and go on regular sketching trips. Apart from my local hills environment I love working in the eastern wheatbelt and the South-West – in fact anywhere I travel, I paint. My larger works are studio paintings sourced from my sketches and photographs.

I enjoy portrait painting from life as well and also work in pastel and various drawing mediums.

I am always striving to create works of a higher standard and I love what I do.

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